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Getting to Bulgaria

A number of Bulgarian and foreign airlines fly to Bulgaria's international airports from most capitals of Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America. You can also travel by train to Sofia and the main Bulgarian towns. Reaching Bulgaria by car is also convenient. National driving licenses are valid for use. Insurance for Bulgaria is required.
Roads Very well developed network of roads, 90 % asphalted. Speed limits apply on all public road - 50 km/h in populated areas, 90 km/h outside towns and villages, 120 km/h on motorways.
Passports & Visas The citizens of the European Union and EFTA members' states do not need any visa.

To pass the Bulgarian border you need a passport and an entry or transit visa which you can obtain from the Bulgarian Consular Office in your country or you can buy it at the border.

Travellers having a voucher for prepaid tourist services issued from a licenced agent in Bulgaria do not need visa. This rule does not apply to all countries.

For the possibility of obtaining visa at the border or use tourist voucher, please contact your local Bulgarian Consular Office before departure.

Population The total population is a little bit over 8 million. The official religion is the Eastern Orthodox, professed by 86% while 13,1% profess Islam. The Catholics, Protestants and other religious groups are there also.
Language The official language is Bulgarian. Cyrillic alphabet is used. English, German, French and Russian are spoken in the major cities and resorts. Directions signes on international routes, airports and resorts are also written in Roman alphabet.
Time GMT + 2 hours, CET + 1 hour.
Daylight-saving time is applied.
Currency The monetary unit is the lev. The exchange rate is fixed to the EUR ( 1 EUR = 1.95 Lev).

Only Bulgarian currency can be used for shopping and services. Foreing currency can be exchanged at airports, banks, exchange bureaux and hotels. Travellers' cheques can be exchanged in banks and some exchange bureaux.

Credit Cards Major international credit cards are accepted in big hotels, some restaurants and shops.
Banking Hours 08:30 - 15:30 hrs Monday - Friday
Electricity 220 Volts
Official Holidays January, 1st - New Year
March, 3rd - National Liberation Day
Easter - usually, 1 week later than the Catholic
May, 1st - Labour Day
May, 24st - National Day of Bulgarian Culture & Slavonik Script
September, 22nd - Independence Day
December, 24st - 26st - Christmas

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